You Decide

So many ideas... which order should they be done?

-Harry Hill’s moveset (we haven’t made it up, it’s a real show!)

-Proceed onto more Patch Surgeries (Starting with Brad Till)

-Patch Surgeries for previous Assist Trophies and Items! (My goal is to try and give one change to each.)

-Captain Blunderpants (Yup, the SECOND Mutation Fighter.)

-Stages Reboot 2 (Will also serve expansions of the first reboot.)

-Assist Trophies Volume 4 (Actually, some progress has already been made!)

-Items Volume 4 (Will take suggestions since I’m better at thinking up Assist Trophies.)

-All Missing Angry Boss Interviews (May require additional voice actors for this one.)

-All Wildlife Codecs (This on the other hand shouldn’t be so hard.)

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