Mario: As famous as he is, Mario is just a basic character mostly memorable for his cool Italian catchphrases. Really, who doesn't prefer Luigi?

Donkey Kong: Who says I only like characters because of memes? I always main jungle animals, what are you talking about? Link: Honestly, silent protagonists are cool but please don't kill me when I say I find his non-canon CD-i counterpart more interesting.

Samus: Whatever. Cool chargeable shots and all but I don't consider bounty hunters a representation of myself.

Dark Samus: It only recently got my attention that she was an Assist Trophy in Smash 4. Where's WALUIGI's prrrromotion?

Yoshi: I didn't even THINK he was a dinosaur when I first heard of this character. Plus, he's green, my favourite colour :)

Kirby: What's not to like? Really satisfying moves too!

Fox: Nope, not a furry or have a Melee competitive fetish by any means but animals are cool, OK?

Pikachu: Cute although not as cute as Pichu.

Luigi: Has at least a bit more of a complex character than his brother.

Ness: Cool, I like smart kids. Heck, I'm pretty sure Earthbound was partially the inspiration of Yume Nikki in the first place. Captain Falcon: Never played any of the F-Zero games but he is the classic Chuck Norris meme of the roster after all.

Jigglypuff: Eh? Just another cute fluffy character I guess. But animal so...

Peach: Just your average nice pretty princess for all I care. Did not expect to prefer Pauline as of Super Mario Odyssey so I can see why some people prefer to ship Mario with the latter instead.

Daisy: Always found her kinda annoying tbh. The tomboy character trope can be cool but do we really need to be reminded "Hi, I'm Daisy!", all the time? At least she's not as annoying as her baby counterpart though.

Bowser: Giant reptiles are so cool that he might as well be considered a dinosaur. Don't ask me why I prefer Junior though...

Ice Climbers: Too bad they technically don't have a proper "series". Would definitely buy a sequel if there was an Ice Climber 2 for the Nintendo Switch.

Sheik: I'd rather pick Shrek, lol.

Zelda: Damn, that redesign is so... woah, why are you staring at me like that, you look like you know something you shouldn't!


Pichu: Poor innocent little joke character has attacks and moves that damage itself :(

Falco: Hey, it's the Blue Falcon!

Marth: Not a huge swords fan, sorry.

Lucina: As much as I still don't like the idea of a Marth clone, at least she's hot so I really can't complain much. :)

Young Link: Kinda wondering if being spoiled with Brawl and not Melee was the only reason why I always preferred him over Toon Link.

Ganondorf: Damn was he slow and laggy. Especially that Up Tilt or at least in Brawl. Either way, not for me.

Mewtwo: Same with what I said about Young Link but replace them with Mewtwo and Lucario respectively.

Roy: I could say the same thing about him and Ike but I never really thought about it tbh. Not interested in Fire Emblem. Love his Neutral B though.

Chrom: Again, don't care but I'd imagine all the lady players like him, lol.

Mr. Game & Watch: WTF characters are epic (not counting Piranha Plant). I think it's cool how he basically talks like a calculator or something. Simple people such as stick fingers are also ironically interesting.

Meta Knight: Much like Shyguy and TF2’s Pyro, I would like to see his actual face but let's face it, that's never gonna happen :( Also, can anyone explain to me exactly why he's considered OP in Brawl? I remember when I used to try and spam his combo when I played SSE for the first time and refused to use any of his other attacks.

Pit: I think he really developed as of Kid Icarus Uprising (not that I have a 3DS) leading to the entertaining Palutena’s Guidance codecs.

Dark Pit: Look, just because edgier versions of protagonists can be interesting doesn't mean he's a good clone. In fact, the only reason I'm glad he's back at all is for the sake of "EVERYONE IS HERE".

Zero Suit Samus: Eww wtf. No comment.

Wario: Wasn't a fan of him at first but now I've found to easily appreciate him as one of the funniest Mario characters, surpassing Waluigi.

Snake: It's sad anyway that his voice actor has passed away but this also explains the disappointment of lack of new codecs from him.

Ike: "We don't like Ike!" Cool fire sword and I have nothing against him, just not a representation of myself, that's all.

Charizard: Dragons are cool and all but I never really bothered with him for some reason. Idk, play as Squirtle instead.

Ivysaur: Same goes for him but at least I like the way he uses his vines.


Diddy Kong: My all-time main, the other two DK characters being runner ups. But why is Diddy the fave? Looking back, I guess it initially started from how I felt the "thin is justice" thing represented me better but later on, that reason stopped mattering to me and I ended up maining him in games for tradition's sake since.

Lucas: Poor kid. Nobody cares about him because his game of origin only came out in Japan.

Sonic: Gonna be completely honest here, I really can't help but play WAY more Mario. As much as I love hedgehogs in real life, I hate how it's impossible to get all your rings back once you get hit. Also, is there any reason for him to be a hedgehog in the first place? He looks more like a lion to me...

King Dedede: Such a loveable anti-hero. Especially how in the SSE, his role was taking and stealing as many trophies as possible being the greedy penguin he is yet he doesn't support the Subspace Army and joined Luigi and Ness' side the moment he found out they rescued him. (Oh boohoohoo, spoiling a game that's over a decade old!)

Olimar: Pikmin seems like an interesting game and playstyle. That is all.

Alph: Again, haven't played Pikmin so I got nothin'.

Lucario: Again, do I REALLY like Mewtwo more? Lucario looks like a smart Egyptian fox or whatever.

R.O.B.: First knew him from Mario Kart DS but I know where this guy's REALLY from. Sweet looking robot that in fact, I once even considered ordering this NES add-on JUST to use it as a toy or ornament without even caring to get a NES.

Toon Link: Man trying to unlock his @$$ in Brawl really did give me brain malaria.

Wolf: Nope, I am NOT scared. Again, trying to unlock him in SSE severely hurt.

Villager: Seems like a reasonable inclusion.

Mega Man: Yeah, gotta remember when this guy was in almost EVERYONE's Smash 4 wishlist.

Wii Fit Trainer: Again, hooray for WTF Fighters! Not only that but this is, for once, a character that's essential for school lessons, kids. In this case, PE. But essential to me too since exercise makes you get THINN.

Rosalina & Luma: Oh boy. I think she was my first waifu? Still an amazing character but I don't like having to punch that poor Luma who's in my way :(

Little Mac: Again, Waluigi could've had "The Little Mac Treatment" but I digress.

Greninja: I don't think anyone asked for this but it's a frog Pokémon and frogs have a sexy skin substance and legs :P PLUS they come in different colours!

Palutena: Wait a second, I thought ketchup came from tomatoes and not your nostrils, guess you learn something new every day, huh? BTW, am I the only one who still finds it very strange having a goddess be defeatable?

Pac-Man: You can easily play that game on Google you know and it kills any spare time.

Robin: Just the female version pls :P

Shulk: Not a lightsaber expert myself but fine, I admit his quote is kinda funny.

Bowser Jr.: At this point, you may be wondering why on earth do I still like this guy if he's a spoiled brat let alone preferring him over his daddy. I guess it's just another tradition stemming back from how I used to play Mario Kart DS way more than Mario Kart Wii (just because you can't play the Wii anywhere you want). Obviously there's no Junior in the DS version so whenever I can play as him in any other game, he feels more special than Bowser? Most likely.

Larry: He's OK for a Koopaling. (Yes, I am going to review all seven!)

Roy: "Cool" I guess but funny how he shares the exact same name as another fighter. Then Doug Bowser hit the scene and it was a perfect coincidence.

Lenny: Wouldn't be surprised if he was the youngest out of the seven.

Wendy: GTFO (yes, I said a swear and this also applies to her SMB3 cartoon version.)

Iggy: He funny looking. I think he made a great duo with Lenny in the cartoon if I remember correctly. Easily one of my favourite Koopalings.

Morton: Rock hard.

Ludwig: Nerd. (Severe apologies but I just wanna move on already!)

Duck Hunt: I know I'm supposed to hate this laughing dog but the truth is, I just can't hate dogs!

Ryu: Yeah I agree that Street Fighter fits perfectly in this crossover.

Ken: OK, why does this and Castlevania get 2 reps and not Sonic? I see no harm in adding Tails if he didn't already have a role.

Cloud: Wow, was this like, his first ever appearance on a Nintendo Console?! I say, if they can invite him, they can invite anyone for all I care!

Corrin: Screw him but not her. (Or vice versa if you cheeky nandos choose to take it the wrong way!)

Bayonetta: I remember saying that I can see why so many people chose to vote for her. At least she looks like an unusual fighting style.

Inkling: Need to play a Splatoon game someday, I mean there's only 2 games so far so not too much research required.

Ridley: Nintendo literally aimed a shrink ray at one of the Brawl bosses just to please their fans. Not that I'm complaining, in fact, he's likely my 3rd favourite newcomer.

Simon: An NES classic. What more can I say?

Richter: Same as Ken.

King K. Rool: Luckily this was my Fighter Ballot vote. Seriously hope this won't be the last time we see him in-game! Should have been in Country Returns and Tropical Freeze otherwise it would be like having someone ELSE kidnap Peach from now on in every future Super Mario platformer.

Isabelle: Why's she here? Doesn't look like the kinda character I would want to beat up if you ask me...

Incineroar: I LIKE TIGERS

Piranha Plant: Still confused why he's here. What's next, Larry the Lobster before Waluigi? Let alone freaking Spongebob. Lol.

Joker: Look, it's not like I'm against the anime-style at all. It's just that I'm not particularly into men.

Hero: Nice RPG menu on their HUD, but do we really need any more swords filling up those 5 slots? Makes sense though seeing as Mario and Dragon Quest have crossed over before.

Banjo & Kazooie: Now THIS completely countered my disappointment. Much like King K. Rool, as much as I WANTED it to happen, I never in a million years thought it actually WOULD meaning that the irrelevant can finally become relevant once again! Also a very fitting choice since he was technically a former Nintendo character who already met up with my main at one point.

Terry: NotAthena/10 Ok for real this time, he seems like a cool guy but his moveset is near impossible to master being as complicated as Sakurai had already shown us. Sometimes I just struggle to execute directional inputs even if I have the right amount of damage.

Byleth: Believe it or not, unlike most people, I'm actually not disappointed in this announcement. But for the wrong reasons. Despite not caring about Fire Emblem at all besides the waifus :3

Mii Brawler: Why lol. What did I do to get in Smash and not *insert whoever the heck you want*?

Mii Sword Fighter: Do wish these Mii Fighters had more customization btw but hey, at least we have Smash Bros Lawl spinoffs for that!

Mii Gunner: Some people just cannot get enough of guns, can they? (PS. Sega Hard Miis FTW)

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