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Billy Slaven vs Smash Jarin

This was more or less my audition for All Star Smashers. Looking back it's pretty damm outdated, but it was my first All Star Smashers related video. I wasn't even the editor yet, just the artist. Overall a good vid for what it was, but those assets are kind of starting to look old. Billy's could definitely use a cleaner redraw.

Bowling Ball

This got started near exclusively because my wifi had gone out and I was bored. I had all of the videos assets put together already save for a few. I think it could've used some HUDs, but they were a lot more time-consuming for me back then. I'm glad the video was made though. It got All Star Smashers some minor attention about the new artstyle.

Super Minecraft Kid

Although I'm really proud of this moveset, there's one thing that upsets me: the video resolution. You see, up until the KO sounds and taunts, the video quality is really pixelated and poor. This is especially notable when Bruceton, Captain Underpants, and Caillou appear. Here's the reasoning: I noticed that when I rendered the video as an MP4 the resolution was just slightly blurry because some of the characters were sized small. So I decided to try and use a format that had higher resolution. I thought that since my TV productions teacher used .mt2, it must be higher quality. As it turns out, my tv productions teacher didn't know shit about anything. It became pixelated and nasty. What I should have done wasn't gone to properties and raise the resolution to a higher format in the dropdown box, and then render as an MP4. That's what I've done for Greg, and let me tell you, the difference is astounding.

Greg Heffley

I think this moveset is really the beginning of All Star Smashers being considered a more viable Lawl (if it is one). I really think it got some respect from some people who were previously skeptical about the series. On top of the better animation and higher video quality I'm objectively really proud of this one. I'm glad it went so much faster than SMK's too. Having all my assets more or less premade and not having to create every asset of every scene from scratch was a big boost for the video.

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