What if All Star Smashers' story mode was like Avengers: Infinity War? What if it even ends up with half the roster disintegrating? If that were to happen, who would you believe would disintegrate? (Except for Matthew. I see him as Thanos, meaning he would cause all this) This would be my idea for who'd die, and I'll tell you by transcript:

[Matthew Whitehead had just snapped his fingers using the Infinity Gauntlet, and after a bright light surrounded the area, he is snapped back to normal reality, and notices the damage inflicted on the gauntlet - the metal scorched and distorted from heat, the Infinity Stones no longer glowing.]

Hilary: What'd you do? [angrily] WHAT'D YOU DO?!

[Matthew nearly seems to not notice Hilary before he uses the Space Stone and teleports away, leaving Hilary's golf club behind in Banana Globe City. Pete the Cheerful Bus Driver stumbles into the clearing, holding his left side.]

Pete: Where'd he go? Little Hilary... where'd he go?

Finn Palmer: Pete?

[Pete turns to see Finn slowly walking towards him, but he suddenly stumbles over, and collapses into ashes, much to Pete's shock; he walks over and touches the ground where Finn's ashes evaporated unbelievingly.]

[On the battlefield, various soldiers disintegrate to ashes, much to MimeFan's horror.]

Tim Carter: [while reaching for a fallen Talking Joe] Stand up, Thomas. Stand up! And don't tell Finn Palmer we're dead.

[Tim holds out his hand for TJ. But he suddenly disintegrates into ashes and an anguished TJ falls back on the ground, before standing back up.]

Talking Joe: Tim.

Tabatha: [slowly corrodes into ashes as well, standing by Amanda] Babble babble...

Amanda: No... no. No. No. No! Tabatha, no.

[Yuuki Ogata, Go!Caillou and Thin Air are inspecting Grandpa Gorilla's body. Yuuki and Caillou then notices some ashes fly past him, meaning Thin Air turned into ashes. Yuuki an Caillou then look at each other in horror as they both turn into ashes also. An injured Edward Yui also turns to ashes, hidden in a bush]

Brad Till: [searching for Edward, missing him by only a few feet] Edward? Edward, where you at?!

[In the Weewoo Warehouse, the remaining characters collect themselves - Ollie the Snow Leopard props up Oscar the White Tiger, Billy Slaven helps Sonny Slaven to his feet, Angry Boss, Bruceton, Harry Bradshaw, Dincent Dan Gough and Lee Saunderson manage to limp over on their own.]

Ollie: Something's happening.

Angry Boss: Huh? What the hell is it? Tell me at once!

[Before he can answer, Ollie disintegrates into ashes, much to the horror of both Oscar and The Boss.]

Angry Boss: What...the this?

[The Boss looks behind him to see Bruceton begin to disintegrate also.]

Bruceton: [to The Boss as he dissolves] Boss?

[Bruceton dissolves fully, and Angry Boss stares around in horror.]

Harry Bradshaw: Steady, Boss.

Angry Boss Oh, God..

[The Boss also gets disintegrated into ashes.]

Dan: Harry...

[Harry turns to Dan, as do Lee, Sonny, Oscar and Billy.]

Dan: There was no other way.

[He sighs in defeat and waits for the inevitable, and he finally gets erased.]

Billy: [realizes he's fading away] Sonny?

[Sonny turns to his brother, who seems unwell.]

Billy: I don't feel so good.

Sonny: [trying to be calm, his voice shaking as he looks at Billy in terror] You're alright.

Billy: [stumbling and terrified] I don't- I don't know what's happening. I don't know what's-

[Billy falls into Sonny's arms, clutching him tight and crying.]

Billy: Save me! I don't wanna go, I don't wanna go, Sonny, please. Please, I don't wanna go. I don't wanna go...

[Billy falls to the ground and Sonny holds onto him. Billy looks to him and says the following line.]

Billy: I'm sorry.

[Billy disintegrates into ashes in Sonny's arms. Harry addresses Lee, Sonny and Oscar, seeing Matthew's victory.]

Harry: He did it.

[The 4 remaining heroes mourns silently at their failure it caused. Back in Banana Globe City, the remaining team members, Brad Till, Brodi Welsford, Amanda the Panda, MimeFan, Talking Joe, Pete the Cheerful Bus Driver and Strongman Hilary are left mourning near Grandpa Gorilla's dead body. Brad turns over GG's corpse as Brodi runs up to the other survivors.]

Hilary: What is this? What the hell is happening?

Brad: [pause] Oh, God.

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