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We start the episode with the camera zoomed in on Bruce Hostname, as he addresses the audience.

Bruce: Surprise, surprise! This is not a drill! Just like the Irate Gamer, Mega Character Elimination: All Star Smashers edition: The Reboot is back for another episode after almost 3 years! Don't blame us, we didn't have any ideas. Anyways, in case you missed the last episode, a water fight happened, Emily won for Harry Bradshaw's team, and a member of Matthew Whitehead's team has to go! Are we all clear on that? Great! Let's get to it! But in case you forgot, here's the members of each team! For Harry's Islanders, we have the leader, Harry Bradshaw, followed by Otto Layfield, Lee Saunderson, Sonny Slaven, Billy Slaven, Emily Slaven, Rachael Slaven, Brad Till, Amanda the Cute and Adorable Panda, Tabatha the Tortoise, Pete the Cheerful Bus Driver, "Strongman" Hilary Sherlock, The Angry Boss, Professor Pippy Pee-Pee Diarrheastein Poopypants Esq., Papa Louie, Garfield Cat, Action 52, Chadtronic, Otto Hill, Edward Yui and Weiss Schnee. And on the Wildlife Harmers, we've got the team leader Matthew Whitehead, Elouise Pitman, Jared Bruceton, Finn Palmer, Tim Carter, Oscar the Chubby White Tiger, Ollie the Snow Leopard, Brodi Welsford, Captain Underpants, Maxwell, Moody Margaret, Harry Hill, Steve Burns, Fred Flintstone, Talking Joe, Grandpa Gorilla, MimeFan, Dincent Dan Gough, Thin Air and Sash Lilac. Are we all here?

The camera pans out to reveal everyone is indeed here.

Bruce: Good! Now then, onto the elimination. For this one, I'm not gonna announce the person being kicked off the show. Instead, you're gonna do it, Matthew.

Matthew: Why me?

Bruce: Because you're the boss of this team. And I thought it'd be funny to see you announce which member of your own team gets eliminated. If you will?

Matthew sighs and takes the piece of paper from Bruce's hand.

Matthew: Okay, the person being eliminated is...

Matthew looks at the piece of paper, showing the name of the person being eliminated. Neither we or the other characters can see it. Matthew then suddenly throws the paper in anger without announcing the eliminatee. Harry B rushes over to pick it up.

Harry B: Whoa whoa whoa, what's the matter, Matthew? What's the matter, who do we have here?

Harry picks up the paper and reads it. He looks delighted.

Harry: Ha! Congratulations! Going to the penalty box is... Jared Bruceton!

Harry bursts out laughing. The rest of Harry's Islanders all look pleased with the result, ESPECIALLY Angry Boss.

Angry Boss: Good riddance! I am free at last from that rotten tomato! Out of my planet!

Bruceton meanwhile, is absolutely horrified, as are Matthew, Finn and Tim.

Bruceton: No! No no no! My plan was to get the Boss out, not me! This can NOT be happening?!

Bruce: You should've thought of that earlier, dum-dum! Bye-bye!

The crane picks Bruceton up and he lands in the penalty box with Yuuki Ogata, Super Minecraft Kid and Go!Caillou.

Bruceton: Oh, f**k...


The opening theme plays

Cut to Matthew, Tim and Finn, who are discussing Bruceton's elimination.

Tim: What are we going to do now?! We've lost Bruceton!

Matthew: I don't know, I didn't plan on this!

Finn: If I get eliminated next...

Bruce interrupts them with an announcement.

Bruce: Hold up! We're not done yet! Since last time, there's been quite a few changes to the All Star Smashers roster. To compensate, I am pleased to announce that all of the newcomers are all joining the game as new contestants, and will be new additions to both teams. First up, we have Tabatha's new tag team partner, Emrly the Snail!

Emrly slowly makes her way to the group. She then shyly introduces herself.

Emrly: H-Hi...

Bruce: Due to being paired with Tabatha, she is automatically joining Harry's Team. The others will all be joining whatever team they get randomized in by number. Either 1 for Harry's Islanders, or 2 for the Wildlife Harmers.

Emrly goes to Harry's team...slowly.

Bruce: Up next, we have a certain someone Horrid Henry is in a heated rivalry with...

Henry: What do you mean? Bruceton's already eliminated, and Moody Margaret's already here.

Margaret: Hey!

Bruce: I'm not talking about them, I'm talking about this new guy! Please welcome Dennis the Menace!

Dennis makes his way over, slingshot in hand.

Dennis: Hey! I'm here to cause some mischief!

Bruce: That you are! Now the randomizer has spoken. You will be joining... Harry's Islanders! Dennis joins his fellow teammates. Henry looks pleased he doesn't need to team up with him, but Margaret looks a bit disappointed.

Bruce: Next up, we have a guy who may or may not hail from Toyworld, and who loves spreading Christmas cheer! Please welcome local Christmas fanatic, Mark the Moose!

Mark skiis over to the group.

Mark: Hey Bruce, do you hear that?

Bruce: No.

Mark: Why, those are sleigh bells! And that means the holidays are here!

Bruce: But it's April!

Mark: That may be true, but for me, it's always Christmas, no matter the time of year!

Bruce: Yeah, cool, whatever. Anyways, the team you'll be joining is... the Wildlife Harmers! Go join your team! Mark does so.

Bruce: As for the rest of the new characters, I understand they're a part of an elite group of what's known as "Memory Fighters." Elouise and Margaret are probably aware of this, since you're both also a part of the group, correct?

Elouise: It's true!

Margaret: I suppose... I wasn't even supposed to be one at first, and then I suddenly got told I was being demoted! How stupid is that?!

Bruce: It also says they're moveset clones of existing characters. Anyway, I'm just gonna introduce all of them now! Please welcome: Donny Dlaven, Captain Blunderpants, Lily and Genesis 52.

All four of them approach the group. Donny is the first to introduce himself, and he does so in a cheerful and jovial manner. Sonny looks absolutely terrified to see him.

Sonny: Oh Jesus, no...

Donny: Hi, guys!

A audience of kids cheer for him offscreen. Donny waves to the audience.

Donny: For those of you who don't know me, my name... is Donny Dlaven. The kids cheer again.

Donny: Yowie wowie, we're gonna have so much fun here! Also...

He sininsterly looks right at Sonny. He then reverts to his jovial mood after a few seconds.

Donny: Hi, Sonny! How's my super-super favourite twin brother doing?

Sonny's too scared to respond.

Donny: Aw, what's the matter? Cat got your tongue?

Donny laughs, and so does the audience. Hilary notices Sonny's fearful expression, and tries to talk to him to get him back to his senses.

Hilary: Hey, are you alright? You look like you've seen a ghost.

Sonny: Huh?

He snaps out of his stupor.

Sonny: Sorry about that... I mean... heh... ok. I knew that guy before, but...

Sonny soon does a dramatic turn, with a close-up on his face. Dramatic music plays as Sonny stares off into nothing.

Sonny: That was the past...

Hilary stares at him awkwardly for a few seconds.

Hilary: Okay, I'm gonna ignore you now.

He briefly turns to Sonny's siblings.

Hilary: What's wrong with him?

Billy: It's probably best you don't know.

Rachael: *Monotone* Indeed... I fear no man... But that thing...

She points at Donny.

Rachael: It scares me.

Emily is seen whimpering while hiding behind Billy. Donny keeps monologuing.

Donny: I cannot wait to play fun games with ALL of my new friends while I'm here! And remember, my little dolls, I'll always light the way! And all you have to do is...

He reverts to a sinister manner.

Donny: LET ME IN!

He stares at them all aggressively until he reverts to a jovial manner.

Donny: *Cheerfully* See you in Hell!

The kids' audience cheers and claps as Donny waves happily at the others while laughing like a loon. After that, an impatient Bruce goes over to him.

Bruce: Uh, are you done? We've still got 3 more people to introduce besides you, you know.

Donny: Sure thing, buddy! So, whose team am I gonna be on?

Bruce: I was about to say that before you started saying weird creepy stuff. Anyway, you, Donny, will be joining Matthew's team.

Donny: Sure thing! It's a real shame I won't get to play with Sonny while I'm here...

The kids audience awe's at this.

Donny: But don't you worry, dolls! Hopefully, I'll still be able to find someone else to play with!

Donny laughs cheerfully and approaches the Wildlife Harmers, standing next to a very uncomfortable MimeFan.

MimeFan: *Scared* I don't wanna ride with him...

Sonny: Thank God I don't have to team up with that psycho...

Billy: Tell me about it! Why are we related to him again?

Sonny: Because when I was born, our parents gave birth to twins, obviously. Me, and unfortunately, him.

Billy: But me and Rachael were born on the same day, so are we technically twins?

Rachael: *Monotone* That is correct. What does that imply for the two of us?

Sonny: I dunno, weird genetics?

Billy and Rachael look at each other and Billy shrugs at this, and chooses to keep quiet.

Bruce: Next up, we have Captain Blunderpants!

Captain Blunderpants: Alright, whose team am I gonna be on? Let's get this over with...

Bruce: You shall be joining... the Wildlife Harmers!

Captain Blunderpants: You mean I have to team with THAT hideous abomination?!

He points to Captain Underpants, who along with Oscar, TJ and Thin Air, recovered from his injury BTW.

Captain Underpants: Don't take it personally, bub. I don't wanna team with you either.

Bruce: The randomizer has spoken! Get over there!

He reluctantly does so.

Bruce: Alright, up next is Lily!

Lily approaches Bruce, and waves at him instead of speaking, due to being a silent protagonist.

Bruce: Yeah, hi. The team you've been assigned is... Matthew's team again.

Lily seems happy about this, as she gets to team with her brother, Maxwell. She eagerly approaches the team and high-fives with him.

Greg: Aw man, they're getting all the Memory Fighters...

Bruce: Hold up, we still have one more to go: Genesis 52, step right up!

G52 does so.

G52: Make your selection... NOW!

Bruce: Alright, as for you, considered to be the superior version of Action 52, you'll be joining... the Wildlife Harmers, lol!

G52 does join them. Harry's team looks disappointed.

Edward: So much for Bruceton leaving, now they have more people than us!

Bruce: Hey, you guys got Emrly and Dennis on your team, shut up. However, because we can pretty much do whatever we want, you guys WILL be getting bonus teammates to fill out your team. Introducing the first one. Billy, you're gonna love this!

Billy: Why me specifically?

Bruce: Introducing your filthy rich little cousin, Angel Slaven!

Angel arrives. She pretty much has "spoiled brat" written all over her face. No one seems to be thrilled to see her besides Billy.

Angel: Well?! Applaud me, you idiots!!!

Billy's the only one who does so. Nonetheless, Angel goes over to Harry's team.

Bruce: Next up, we have a guy who's pretty much a jack of all trades. He's a zookeeper, an explorer, an author, a professor, an archaeologist, a scientist, a doctor, a surgeon, and he probably has a great sex life too, let's be real. The man has it all. Please welcome Dr. Rex Richardson!

Dr. Rex arrives and addresses the team. He's holding a copy of his autobiography.

Dr. Rex: Hello there! Would anyone like a copy of my book?

Bruce: This isn't an infomercial, don't advertise your book! We already did an episode like that! If you existed then, we would've let you do it then!

Dr. Rex: Fine... And I never told anyone about my sex life!

He goes over to Harry's team.

Bruce: And last but not least... Kawaii Krunch.

Kawaii Krunch cheerfully arrives, striking kawaii poses. Everyone but Billy looks confused.

Krunch: Konnichiwa, Bruce-san! Whose team in Henry-san on desu?

Bruce: Uh, he's on Matthew's team. You've been assigned to Harry's team. I'm afraid you're not gonna be teaming with him.

Krunch: Nani?! Y-You mean I can't team with my beloved Henry-san?

She looks sad, almost like she's gonna cry.

Bruce: Well, no. But you do have Dennis the Menace on your team. Is that a good substitute?

Krunch: Boo! He's not Henry-san deus!

Dennis: Hey, I'm standing right here!

Krunch pouts and walks over to Harry's team.

Bruce: Alright, how many is that now on each team?

Matthew: We have 24.

Harry: And we have 26... Huh.

Bruce: See? You still have more guys. But in the interest of fairness, I'm gonna be a sneaky little devil, and grant Matthew 6 more teammates, using 6 random characters from the Empty Slot division!

Brad: Is that allowed?

Bruce: I dunno, but I'm going with it because f**k you, I do what I want.

Papa Louie: Mama mia!

Hilary: Language!

Lee: Hey!

Garfield: Wow...

Chadtronic: You got some acorns on you, dude.

Sonny: Ever since Episode 3, you're a total d-hole! Keep it up, and I'm gonna SMASH THAT MICROPHONE OF YOURS TO PIECES!

Bruce rolls his eyes, not fazed by Sonny's threat. Dr. Rex then speaks up.

Dr. Rex: Wait, why do they get 6 and we only get 4?

Bruce: So they get 30 teammates, and so do you guys. You'll be getting 4 newcomers too.

Lee: Uh, alright. Who are we getting?

Bruce: All in due time. Matthew's team's up first. Now then, we will use to put out a list of every single Empty Slot character in a random list, then randomize which numbers are chosen by the number said character is on. And yes, even if they're a part of a tag team, they're gonna be on their own for this. And this is totally not Billy's doing!

Speaking of Billy, he is seen doing stuff on his laptop. The rest of his team looks at him.

Billy: What?

Weiss: What are you doing, you dolt? The host is trying to explain something!

Billy I'm tired of his blathering. So I'm checking out funny memes online instead.

Bruce: We have 152 names on the list, and the first number chosen is... 96! And the number belongs to... Princess Unikitty! Get on over here!

Unikitty approaches the group.

Unikitty: Hiiiiii!! I am Princess Unikitty!

Bruce: Yeah, that was nice. Go join your team, dummy!

Unikitty happily does so.

Dan: You probably shouldn't call her a dummy, if you know of her temper...

Bruce: Yeah, I'll take that advice on board. And for the second newest member of the team, we have number 68! Dammit, that was one number close to the meme number...

Most of the Guys Including Bruce: Nice...

Papa Louie: Who's-a number is-a that-a?

Bruce: That would be... Po!

Everyone looks confused, including Bruce.

Amanda: Po?

Tim: Which one though?

Lee: Yeah, aren't there two Po's in that division?

Bruce: I'll have to call the higher ups about that, hold on a second.

Bruce takes out his cell phone. Some murmuring can be heard. Eventually, he hangs up the phone.

Sonny: Well? Who is it?

Bruce: Talk about a weird crossover... It's Po from Teletubbies.

Most of the members of Matthew's team looks even MORE confused, except for Donny, Unikitty, Oscar and Captain Underpants. Po arrives via her scooter, and greets the other characters by waving at them.

Po: Eh-oh!

Bruce: Eh-oh to you too! Go join your team!

Po nods her head and rides her scooter over to Matthew's group, giggling.

Bruce: Now for the 3rd of 6 Empty Slot additions to Matthew's team, we've got... number 32. Someone who I feel has been deserving for a spot on the roster for a long time now: SammyClassicSonicFan!

Sammy arrives, and he's NOT in a good mood.


His screaming is cut off by Bruce.

Bruce: Okay okay, we get it! You're a screaming Sonic nut who's bitter he isn't in All Star Smashers yet! Jeez! Now go join your team already!

Sammy goes over to Matthew's team.

Bruce: Next up, we have number... 141!

He reads the name of the character.

Bruce: Hey, this one's different! Ladies and gentlemen... Misao!

Misao slowly approaches the group. She looks at them rather sadly.

Misao: Um... Hello.

Bruce: I have a feeling this one isn't gonna stand out that much at all. Now then, go join your teammates.

Misao goes towards Matthew's team.

Bruce: Next up! We have number 12, and it's... Wiggler!

Chadtronic: Wait, Wiggler?? From Super Mario Bros?

Wiggler approaches the group, and it is indeed THAT Wiggler.

Wiggler: Hello! So which team am I on?

Bruce: Matthew Whitehead's team. You'll be thankful to know you won't have to contend with Bruceton, as he was eliminated earlier.

Wiggler: Who's that?

Bruce: Never mind. Go with your partners.

Wiggler does so.

Bruce: Now for the final new member of your team... Number 104! And it is... Iggle Piggle?

Iggle Piggle arrives. He squeaks the whole time while holding his blanket, and no one can understand what he's saying.. If his squeaks even count as him talking in the first place?

Bruce: Uh... I'm sorry, but I don't understand you. Po, do you understand this guy?

Po shakes her head.

Po: No.

Iggle Piggle, feeling a bit worried over no one understanding him, falls over.

Bruce: Oh, don't worry about it, Iggle Piggle. Get up and go join your team.

Iggle Piggle gets up, nods at Bruce, and goes over to Matthew's team. Matthew doesn't look very happy about it.

Matthew: This is what I ended up with? A unicorn-cat hybrid, a teletubby, an angry Sonic fanboy, a depressed outcast, a caterpillar and a squeaking bean-headed teddy bear? God help me...

Tim: You still have me and Finn.

Matthew: I know, but I miss Bruceton.

Harry B: So, who do we get?

Bruce: We're about to find out now! The first of 4 newcomers is... number 89, otherwise known as... Huh. Alright. You guys get Tilly from Tots TV.

Tilly arrives, and introduces herself, as only she can.

Tilly: Bonjour à tous! Je suis Tilly!

Bruce: What?

Tilly: J'ai dit bonjour. Je suppose que vous ne parlez pas couramment le français?

Bruce: I'm sorry, but I didn't understand one word you said.

Billy: Me neither. I watched Tots TV a lot as a kid, and to be honest, since I'm not fluent in French, I still don't understand most of what you say. No offense.

Tilly: Aucun pris, je comprends beaucoup.

Bruce: Can you go join your teammates please?

Tilly: Oui d'accord.

Tilly joins the rest of Harry's team.

Bruce: Now to draft once again! The randomizer has chosen number 27! Please welcome... Eve!

Eve arrives and stands besides Bruce.

Bruce: Introduce yourself to your teammates please.

Eve stares at the rest of Harry's Islanders and smiles.

Eve: My name is Eve. I have four protocols. Survive. Learn. Adapt. Evolve.

Bruce: Uh... What?

Eve turns to him with a confused expression.

Eve: I'm sorry, but I do not understand your reasons for not being able to understand my statement.

Bruce: Wait, are you a robot?

Eve: Affirmative. Was you not informed of this beforehand?

Bruce: No...

Eve: Very well, you are forgiven. Shall I join my assigned team now?

Bruce: Go right ahead.

Eve does so, smiling. A weirded out Bruce regains his composure, and checks the next member.

Bruce: Mr. Whitehead, I'm so terribly sorry. But I have to make the announcement that one of the premier groups in the Empty Slot division has been broken up.

Everyone looks confused. Po has a bad feeling though...

Po: Uh-oh!

Bruce: Ladies and gentlemen, Harry's Islanders, I hereby welcome your newest teammate... Dipsy from the Teletubbies!

Dipsy arrives, with his cool cow hat in tow. Like Po, he also greets everyone.

Dipsy: Eh-oh!

Also seeing Po, he greets her too.

Dipsy: Eh-oh, Po!

Po: Eh-oh, Dipsy!

Dipsy turns to Bruce and asks him a question.

Dipsy: Dipsy with Po team?

Bruce: No, the randomizer picked you to go on Harry Bradshaw's team instead.

Dipsy turns around to face Harry's Islanders, comprised of an alcoholic, a crazy guy with a gun, a crappy NES game, a nerd, a weeb, an OP girl with a childish mind, a goth, a spoiled brat, a wimpy kid, a Disney fan, an elevator chap, a reactor, a menace, a kung-fu panda, a mad scientist, an evil twin, messy tortoise, a French-hating snail, an Italian chef, a strongman, a cheerful bus driver, an eccentric little Chinese guy, a lazy orange cat, an ill-tempered CEO of a business corporation, a white-haired huntress, an animal scientist and bestselling self-help book author, a red-headed French girl, and an artificial android. Then he turns back to Bruce.

Dipsy: Oh no!

Bruce: You can't back out of this, I'm afraid! You're up, so go over there!

Accepting his fate, Dipsy joins the others.

Bruce: Alright! Last member of your team, here we go! Show me the last number!

Just then, his phone rings. Bruce looks around, and with a sigh, pulls out his phone.

Bruce: Yeah? Uh-huh... Wait, really? ...Are you sure? ...It won't affect the main series, will it? This is non-canon after all... Alright, I'll tell them. Bye.

He hangs up.

Mark: What was that about?

Bruce: Apparently, the higher ups are telling me that since I drafted 2 of the 4 Teletubbies, I'm automatically forced to draft all 4 of them now and draft 2 of them each in 2 of the teams.

Tabatha: Why though?

Bruce: Does it matter? Least I'm getting paid for this. Can I have Tinky Winky and Laa-Laa come over here please?

Tinky Winky and Laa-Laa both arrive, greeting everyone.

Tinky Winky & Laa-Laa: Eh-oh!

Bruce: Yeah, eh-oh. Now then, I'm apparently supposed to assign both of you to teams too, so I'll just pair you with the characters you usually hang out with. Tinky Winky, since Po is on Matthew Whitehead's team, you'll be assigned to that team.

Tinky Winky nods in agreement.

Tinky Winky: Okay!

He giggles a bit and goes over to Matthew's team, greeting Po.

Tinky Winky: Eh-oh, Po!

Po: Eh-oh, Tinky Winky!

Bruce: And as for you Laa-Laa, since Dipsy is on Harry Bradshaw's team, you'll be assigned to that team. Alright?

Laa-Laa nods. Dipsy waves at her from the group of random people he's in.

Dipsy: Eh-oh, Laa-Laa!

Laa-Laa waves right back.

Laa-Laa: Eh-oh, Dipsy!

She goes over to Harry's team.

Bruce: Can I tell you your last person now?

Harry B: Sure, go ahead.

Bruce clicks the random button, showing the last number.

Bruce: The randomizer has spoken! Number 5 has been chosen! And it's none other than...

He looks at the name, and is surprised by the result.

Bruce: Oh... Alright. Mishiro Usui from Blank Dream has been selected.

Mishiro arrives, staring blankly at the competition.

Mishiro: ...Hello.

There's an awkward silence.

Bruce: Uh... Do you have anything to add?

Mishiro: Not really...

Bruce: Alright, this has gone on long enough. Go join your team already.

Mishiro does so. Rachael looks at her, then to Sonny.

Rachael: *Monotone* I like her.

Sonny ...Of course you do.

Bruce: How many is that now?

Dr. Rex: Wouldn't that be 31 people on each team now?

Bruce: Okay... You know what? At the risk of making sure the teams have an even number, I'm gonna add one more character for both teams.

Everyone except Emily, Donny, Unikitty, Tinky Winky, Laa-Laa, Po and Oscar groan in response.

Billy: Man, I wanna go to McDonald's already!

Bruce: Hey, shut up! Least I'm getting paid for this!

Pete: So why 32 exactly?

Bruce: To be honest, this is kinda based on those old WWE games for the PlayStation 2, where you can create up to 32 superstars. Now then, next number, here we go! This first pick is the Wildlife Harmers' pick BTW.

Bruce reads the next number.

Bruce: Next up is... number 118! Otherwise known as... Blake Belladonna from RWBY!

Blake arrives, looking stoic as ever. Weiss doesn't look too happy about being pitted against one of her teammates.

Weiss: Blake? Why is she on their team and not ours? We're a part of the same team of huntresses!

Bruce: Stop whining! The Teletubbies have been separated, but you don't see them complaining!

Weiss: What are you talking about, you dunce?! The green one did!

She turns to Dipsy, who's hugging Laa-Laa.

Bruce: You were saying?

Blake: I don't really care about what team I'm on. Quite frankly, I'm still mad at you over your discrimination against faunus, Weiss.

Weiss: Are you kidding me?! But I thought we made up over that!

Blake: Well, we haven't.

Blake goes over to Matthew's team, while Weiss is agitated.

Bruce: I'd ask what she's talking about, but I don't wanna know, it's probably too serious. Anyway, last character, for real this time. Harry's Islanders will receive... number 43! And it's none other than... Oh! It's Aki from Misao.

Aki arrives, with her bat in hand.

Aki: Hi! Whose team am I on?

Bruce: Harry's team. I'm afraid you and Misao have been put against each other.

Both her and Misao look saddened by this.

Misao: *Quietly* I'm sorry, Aki...

Aki: It's not your fault, Misao. The randomizer picked us both for each team. We have to live with it. Good luck though.

Misao smiles a bit.

Misao: You too...

Aki goes over to Harry's team.

Angel: Are you done constantly adding more and more people to this game for no reason?

Bruce: Yes! And that concludes another episode!

Krunch: Nani? But we didn't even do a challenge desu!

Bruce: I know, but this episode has gone on long enough already. Besides, it's Easter, so I'm gonna let you guys off, and have you do your challenges next time to go have your Easter Eggs.

Emily: Yaaay! Yummy yummy Easter Eggy-eggs!

Emily cheerfully runs over to Harry's Islander's mansion. The rest of the team looks confused for a bit. Then they all slowly follow her.

Hilary: I suppose we better go join that kid inside.

Tilly: Oui. Pour être honnête, ce manoir que vous avez construit est vraiment joli. C'est mieux que mon ancienne maison.

Aki: I didn't understand that, but I think she may have just complimented the mansion.

Dipsy: What do?

Garfield: Well, since it's Easter, we should celebrate it the right way. Maybe we can watch a movie or something?

Amanda: That's your answer to everything!

Billy: Great idea! Let's watch Hop!

Greg: Why Hop?

Billy: Cause it's Easter, and it's got Russell Brand and James Marsden in it, so it'll be awesome! And I don't know any other Easter movies...

Lee: What about--

Billy: No dude, Rise of the Guardians doesn't count.

Lee: I beg to differ.

Dr. Rex: We don't necessarily need to watch an Easter movie. It could be anything.

Harry B: Dr. Rex is right. We'll figure it out once we go inside. We'll suggest ideas and do a team vote. Sound good for everyone?

Everyone agrees and goes inside, leaving Bruce and the Wildlife Harmers outside.

Bruce: What are you guys still doing out here?

Matthew: We don't have a house, remember? Super Minecraft Kid destroyed everything back in Episode 2.

Bruce Oh yeah... You know what, you guys can all come to my hotel room.

Wiggler: Your hotel room?

Blake: Are you sure it's going to be big enough to fit 30 people?

Bruce: Probably, I'm too stupid to know about that stuff. Besides, we can go watch reruns of The Big Bang Theory on CBS.

Harry H: You wanna get Sat Nav, mate.

Donny: Why not go over to the Doll House?

The kids audience cheers in agreement

Bruce: No way! I've heard of what goes on in there! There's a lot of real, freaky, evil stuff! We're not going to the Doll House!

The kids' audience boos Bruce, while Donny looks at him aggressively, then switches to a happy stupor.

Donny: Okay, buddy!

Bruce: And where the hell are those kids coming from?! Is anyone else hearing that?!

Everyone else: Yes.

Donny: Oh, don't you worry, everybody! They're all just here for the ride!

Finn: Protect us from what?

Donny: And so is... HIM!

He looks worried for a bit, then he goes back to being happy.

Bruce: Uh... Alright. Anyway, are you all agreed that we're going to my hotel room?

Everyone reluctantly murmurs in agreement, besides Donny, Tinky Winky, Po and Unikitty, who are positive about it.

Bruce: Splendid! Onward to my hotel! As for you the viewer, no one's getting voted off today, since we didn't do a challenge. Instead, you get to sit back and enjoy this episode, and comment how good or bad it was. Now for the questions! What's the next challenge gonna be? Why am I randomly adding random Empty Slot candidates to the show even though they're not on the main roster? Do I care? Do you care? Does Exotix7 care? Does anyone have any ideas for challenges? Can someone help the writer who's totally not Billy out with said ideas? Was this even randomized? Find out next time on Mega Character Elimination: All Star Smashers edition: The Reboot!