Jack did one. So shall I. Besides, I love this game series. What can I say? I'm a weeb. :P

1. Plutia

She is simply best girl. What more can I possibly say about her? She's so adorable! She is the greatest! Here are more reasons why she's so awesome!

And here's a kawaii pic of her:



Iris Heart's awesome too. But regarding HDD forms, she's not my favourite

2. Peashy

Oh boy, the adorable little OP loli who can tranform into a thicc girl with bigger boobies than anyone else in the Nepiverse. She brings a whole new meaning to the term "Oppai Loli". Not only that, but she's incredibly strong and also incredibly cute and adorable. Also, due to her strength, blonde hair and yellow outfit, she reminds me of Yang from RWBY, but much much cuter. :3 I also like how even in HDD form, she's still as cutesy and childish as ever. She's probably one of the only CPU's who doesn't change in personality when in HDD, along with the candidates.

Also, Yellow Heart's my favourite HDD form.

3. Neptune

The protagonist, and a very awesome one at that. She's like a loli version of Deadpool or Pinkie Pie, due to the constant breakings of the 4th Wall. Picking between her and Peashy wasn't easy.

4. Rom

She's honestly my favourite of the 4 CPU Candidates. Look how adorable and innocent she is. :3

Also, she's the only CPU Candidate who can be referred to as Onee-chan, due to being older than Ram. :P

5. Compa

She's pretty cute, as well as boingy. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) And she says desu, and I love that word! That's one of many reasons why I love Karen from Kiniro Mosaic so much. (Along with being British and being proud of it. Seriously Jack, I really insist that you check that anime out)

6. Nepgear

Jack's right, she's an angel. :)

I also just realized something: She's basically the Ollie the Snow Leopard to Neppy's Oscar the White Tiger.

7. Nepgya


Smiiiiiiiiiile... :)

'Nuff said.

8. Vert

I am a loyal user of Leanbox consoles. :P Not only that, but I absolutely love Vert. Reason why? Because she's pretty much just like all of us. She's a gamer and an otaku, like all of us. Only with the added bonus of being very elegant and having a pair of really big plot. She's pretty much a mature beauty. (Okay fine she's a MILF) She's also somewhat sympathetic, because she's yet to have her own spin-off game, OR have her own little sister. (Or Microsoft is too lazy to gett of their butts to make a handheld Xbox console, therefore Vert can't have one until a handheld comes out) Oh, and she's kinda perVerted too, and we can't forget about her love for tea.

9. Blanc

I love her too. And I think she might be Noble from Lost Pause's favourite Neptunia character too. Maybe. Anyway, Blanc's sorta the AVGN of the Nepiverse. She wears white clothes, is incredibly nerdy, is affiliated with Nintendo, has a potty mouth, and she has a volatile temper which could explode at any second. So yeah, don't piss her off. She'll come at you more angrier than AVGN, Finn Palmer, Angry Boss, Wiggler, SammyClassicSonicFan, Super Minecraft Kid and Downfall Hitler combined!

And when she turns into White Heart...OH S**T, SHE'S TERRIFYING!!! O.O

10. Ram

The true little sister! She can be a bit of a trollord, but she's as cute as Rom. And she's somewhat strong too. Same goes for Ram. I guess that's what you'd expect from having Blanc as your sister. Now what if they also inherited Blanc's temper too...?

(Seriously, that would be awesome. I really wanna see that in a Neptunia game someday)

11. Uzume

She's a cool badass in her normal form, and a kawaii badass in her HDD form. Who wouldn't like her?

12. IF

Here's Jack's waifu. I obviously like her too, but not as much as the characters above. (F**k it, I love everybody!) But she's still pretty cute despite her bluntness, like that time where she fangirled over Vert, and freaked out over eggplants...after a certain incident by Arfoire that caused Plutia to unleash "Madame Goddess" on the scum. Yeah, Iffy can have her cute moments too. At least she finally got her Waifu Material video. If it didn't arrive sooner, Jack would probably have entered an Angry Boss-style rant or burned down all of Paris.

13. Uni

She's slightly less Tsundere than her Onee-chan, but she's still cute whenever she acts like one. In fact, she's cute in most of her scenes. Except for when she gets angry, like when she got pissed at Anonydeath. She's actually pretty intimidating.

14. Noire

Tsunderes in anime are awesome. Just look at the likes of Taiga from Toradora, Weiss from RWBY, and even Natsuki from DDLC. And I love Noire as well as Uni...but not as much as the other girls above.

15. Histoire

That kawaii loli fairy who knows more about Gamindustri than any living human. She probably knows more about Earth than anyone else too. Seriously Jack, Histy would work very well as a Narrator in ASS someday. And she uses emoticons, and that's awesome! ^3^

16. Abnes

Am I the only one in the Neptunia fanbase who actually LIKES Abnes? She's a hero to little girls, dammit!

Is it weird I want her to come back in a future game as a CPU?

17. Rei Ryghts

Poor Rei. :( She's probably the most sympathetic villain in the whole series. (Not in the anime though, but DEFINITELY in the game) HDD Rei however, is frickin' insane in the brain! Still odd how she doesn't have a name for her HDD though. But whatever, I'd just call her Blue Heart.

My only problem with her is that since Rei is the Goddess of Tari, which is based on the Atari, she is the reason we have E.T. for the Atari in our lives. Why, Rei? :(

18. Anonydeath

That damn gay robot! He's quite the dastardly figure, cause he not only brainwashed Peashy, but he also tried to perv on Noire, and suffered Uni's wrath. (Or his body double did)

999. Arfoire

I wasn't really a fan of her in the anime. She was pretty evil in Episode 5, and I'm not happy that she of all people is the one who ends up defeating Rei in the end of the anime. To quote Chadtronic: "What the frick is this?! WHY?!"

And then there's the Conquest Ending in mk2... Oh God, that ending. -_-

I refuse to discuss it with you. Go see it for yourself.

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