I don't remember if I've ever done something like this before. And if I have, then I must've forgotten. But anyways, I have written out a custom moveset of Mikuru Asahina from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and I'd like to show it to you, if I may. Keep in mind, these are just the ideas I have for now. If anyone wants to critique and send me ideas, feel free. Now let's begin!

All Star Smashers Character Moveset- Mikuru Asahina

Entrance: Back From the Future

Mikuru arrives on the stage via her time travel device.

Inspiration Clip: (I don't actually remember her using it in the anime. So I'll just use this clip instead) (11:44-12:25)

Neutral B: Mikuru Shoot
Mikuru will get out two water guns. Pressing A with them out will cause her to shoot opponents with water. Rapidly pressing A will make her shoot water blasts multiple times at opponents. If she hits anyone, they will one slowed down, but if she doesn't hit anyone, the water will stay on the ground as a slip trap. Both of these effects last for 5 seconds.
But wait! There's more! There's a rare chance that instead of 2 water guns...Mikuru will get out a fricking automatic rifle! This will cause much more damage than the water guns, and will also cause pushback.

Inspiration Clips: (22:29-22:56)

Side-B: Moe Fanservice

Mikuru will runs across the stage holding a sign. Looks generic, right? However, while she's running,, great big pair of twins, will bounce up and down, causing a horniness reaction from male opponents she runs towards. Females are unaffected. She can only run towards the direction she's facing, so it'd be a good idea to cancel the move before she falls off a ledge. Also, if she runs for longer than 5 seconds, then Mikuru will move slower, due to becoming tired. Her...twins will still bounce though.

Inspiration Clip: (2:36-2:53)

Up-B: Unwanted Assistance
Mikuru will be held by Tsuruya, Taniguchi, and Kunikida. They will carry her similairly to the Nicelanders and the Entire Workforce. Like Bruceton's work buddies, they can walk around while carrying Mikuru, until she gets hit or you press the B button to throw her either up in the air, or at opponents. And unlike Bruceton, Mikuru won't get Star KO'd at a higher damage. But she can still be thrown further if you hold the B button. 

Inspiration Clip: (11:35-11:40)

Down-B: Classified Information

Mikuru will enter an immobile state. You can cancel this anytime you want. But if you try to attack Mikuru from the front, she'll say "That's classified information!" This will disable that attack for about 8 seconds. All of your attacks can be potentially classified as information, apart from items or Final Smashes. Attacking Mikuru from behind while in this state will also cancel the move, forcing you to wait another 8 seconds before using it again. You can either remove your disabled attack by waiting for it to return after 8 seconds, or if Mikuru gets KO'd.

Inspiration Clips: (14:03-15:10) (Kinda. Also comes from Endless Eight)

Final Smash: Mikuru Beam
Simply, enough, Mikuru will say the titular attack, and unleash a VERY powerful laser attack from her eyes. Do not, I repeat, do not even think about being in her line of sight, or else you will be KO'd instantly So while Mikuru's firin' her lazah, your best bet is to move away from her once she has the Smash Ball activated to avoid gettubg Mikuru Beamed.

Indpiration Clip:

So yeah, this is pretty much all I wrote out for now. However, I did have an idea for one of her taunts and her losing pose.

Taunt: (Subject to change, since I made it a Down-B instead)

Losing Pose: Mikuru cries in Chibi form.

And that's all there is too it. Is it bad? Yeah, it probably is. But I did try my best, so if there's any critiques you have, let me know.

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