If y'all liked the Mikuru moveset, I also wrote ideas for a Yuki Nagato moveset. I love Mikuru out of all the characters, but I think Nagato probably has more potential as a playable character. Probably because she's actually fought in the anime, unlike Mikuru. And plus, one Lawl spin-off had an Empty Slot which included Nagato as a candidate, so why not? Anyway, enough jibber-jabber.

All Star Smashers Character Moveset- Yuki Nagato

Entrance: Space Intrusion

Yuki cuts a hole through part of the stage and emerges through it, ready to fight.

Inspiration Clip: (2:05-2:15; Keep in mind A LOT of inspiration clips will come from this fight scene. You could probably make a moveset for Nagato or Asakura using this fight scene alone)

Neutral B: Force Field

Yuuki will hold up a force field, to protect herself from attacks from the front. Approaching her while she's got the shield out will cause you to be knocked back where you originally were. This will not only turn back projectiles, but also throwable items. Smash Balls can still pass through however. And as an added bonus, if you're in a team battle and Yuki does this move with a partner nearby, she will throw said partner to the ground in order to protect him/her from their opponents. Don't worry, it won't damage you.

Inspiration Clips: (3:13-3:21)

Side-B: Object Nullification

Yuki will attempt to grab another character's item, similar to Don Ramon. This includes projectiles, assist trophies, or even Smash Balls. If she does manage to get something, rather than use the item herself against the opponent, Yuki will instead "requisition the nullification of their data link" and will disintegrate the opponent's item. Doing this will also debuff that opponent for a short period of time.

Inspiration Clip: (2:56-3:00) Up-B: Alien Parkour

Yuki will flip backwards, flying a great distance. This will not only save her from close-range attacks and falling, but if you're close enough to someone, Yuki can actually damage the opponent, by kicking them in the face as she's flipping. This can't be done in the air however. Also, if you're on a stage with a platform on it, Yuki can potentially leap from the ground to said platform.

Inspiration Clip: (5:19-5:23)

Down-B: Hacking Extraordinaire

Yuki will sit down at a desk with a laptop. She will remain there until you cancel the move by pressing Down-B or if she gets hit. However, if you press B while at the computet, Yuki will start very quickly hacking on the computer. And if you approach her, you'll receive a negative effect on your character via Yuki's hacking. You could have your control's reversed, move slower, be shrunken down to size, have your pawlette changed, be randomly damaged, stunned or knocked back, or whatever else. She'll still be open from behind however, so hitting her from behind will cancel the hack and force her away from the computer. And you can also press B again to cancel the hacking anytime you want. The effect you receive will last for 10 seconds.

Inspiration Clip:

Final Smash: Commence Nullification of Data Link

Yuki will say the above quote, and then her and all the other characters will be teleported to some random desert. However, shortly after this, one of the opponents will begin disintegrating, and their response to this will vary depending on the character. (If there's only one opponent, then that one opponent will disintegrate. If there are multiple opponents, then the character who's winning will disintegrate) After their response, a lengthy mini-cutscene will play where Yuki says the following line to the opponent who's disintegrating.

"You are exceptionally skilled. That is why it took so long to force a program into this space. But it is finished now."

After this, the opponent will continue to disintegrate for a couple more seconds, and after only their head remains, the opponent will say one final line before completely disintegrating. If the opponent has no more stocks left, then they're dead for good, but if they do somehow have a stock left, then they'll come back.

Inspiration Clip: (4:35-5:39)

And there's my ideas. What do y'all think? I may even type my ideas for the characters' reactions to being disintegrated in the comments of this blog.

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