Chincherrinas isn't the only creator who's met one of his characters.

Just in case Jack won't post this on the Wiki, I'll post it for him, since I think this is simply awesome, and also if he doesn't mind that is. Anyway, Jack actually managed to meet Harry Hill...IN REAL LIFE! :D

He told me this on Facebook via Messenger. According to Jack, he even got Harry to answer a question from him in the QnA segment. He answered that his favourite bit in the Harry Hill Movie was hanging out with Julie Walters, who played his Nan, as well as the scene when Abu puked felt tip on him and it only had one take. Also, Jack also told me that when his friend asked Harry if he'll ever make a sequel to his movie, he replied that he's currently writing a script for it. IDK what this means, and I'm not expecting it to be done any time soon, but I'm intrigued.

He even managed to take a photo with the man himself! (Along with his friend) Jack allowed me to share the photo on my timeline, so I'll share it here too.

Jack meets Harry

Yes, Jack is apparently Diddy Kong in a green hat, and his friend is apparently Bonzi Buddy.

(Also Jack, please don't kill me for doing this)

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