Is there something you
should tell me, white buddy?
Are you aware of the light from
the sun shining off of your head?

I don't know what you mean,
it's just a healthy sheen
I must admit I feel a little strange
But I've never felt better,
I'm stronger than ever
Can't you see nothing's changed?

I don't know how to
tell you, Weewoo buddy
But you look just like a wildlife-hating
annoying pint-sized spaceman

I am light on my feet,
now my face is hidden
But my voice is the same when I speak
My suit looks like aluminum foil
Does this mean that I need a
spaceship and get to the moon?

I'm a Weewoo Head, a Weewoo Head,
a Weewoo Head, a Weewoo Head
I'm a Weewoo head, a Weewoo Head,
a Weewoo Head, a WEEWOO HEAD!

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