Victor Vam Pire


Victor Vam Pire is an employee and stooge of Angry Boss. He's a vampire. (Seriously!) Because of this, his surname, Vam Pire, is sort of a pun. This has also earned him the nickname of "Batman". This is somewhat odd however, since the real Batman is a superhero, and not a vampire. Nonetheless, Victor isn't too fond of the nickname. He appears in Angry Boss Codecs as one of the employees who talks to AB about the opponent he's fighting. So far, Victor has appeared in the codecs of Lee Saunderson, Brad Till, Matthew Whitehead, Brodi Welsford, Amanda the Panda, Angry Boss, Maxwell Tim Carter, Dan Gough, Grandpa Gorilla, MimeFan and Go!Caillou.


He is based on the Downfall Parodies version of Joseph Goebbels.

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