Vito Cappelletti is a supporting character in The Garfield Show. He is the manager of his own pizza restaurant, Vito's Pizzeria, and he serves pizza and other Italian foods, which is loved by Jon and Odie, and especially Garfield. In certain episodes, Vito's Pizzeria is sometimes in trouble, such as in "Love and Lasagna", where Brent Mogul tries to tear it down for a tanning salon until Garfield and Odie save the store. In other episodes, Garfield's love of Vito's food causes trouble. He also appears in the Garfield Comic Book as Jon and Garfield's preferred provider of pizza.

Vito appears in All Star Smashers as a Primary Spirit, as an ace class, where you must fight Papa Louie at Arbuckle Lane to obtain him. When fighting the Papa, he'll be aided by six Garfield's, all of which prefer using their neutral B moves. Additionally, lots of Personal Food will appear during the battle, and the floor will also be very sticky, making it difficult to move.


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