Voice Trumpet

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The Voice Trumpets are supporting characters in Teletubbies. The Voice Trumpets can be found throughout Teletubbyland. They resemble speakers and have both male and female adult voices. After a magical event, Dance or regular segment, a Voice Trumpet rises to let the Teletubbies know that it is time to say goodbye. They (and the Narrator) are the only characters who speak in complete sentences and act similarly to supervisors for the Teletubbies.

A Voice Trumpet appears in All Star Smashers as a Support Spirit, as a class, where you must fight MimeFan at Wildlife to obtain it. While fighting MimeFan, Harry Bradshaw, Steve Burns, Go!Caillou and Maxwell will eventually appear as reinforcements, larger hitboxes will appear, and throws have increased power.


  • The characters who appear to help MimeFan is a reference to the colours of the Teletubbies. Harry B's colour is purple like Tinky Winky, Steve's is Green like Dipsy, Go!Caillou's is yellow like Laa-Laa, and Maxwell's is red like Po.
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