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Yume Nikki 3D is a stage in All Star Smashers. It comes from the fanmade 3D fangame based on the original Yume Nikki, created by ZykovEddy.


Menu Theme - Yume Nikki 3D

Piano Land - Yume Nikki 3D

Spike Room - Yume Nikki 3D

Virus World - Yume Nikki 3D

Clock Land - Yume Nikki 3D

Hot Rocket Room - Yume Nikki 3D

Seizure Shape World - Yume Nikki 3D

Poniko's Room (Light's On) - Yume Nikki 3D

Stage Hazards

Much like Yume Nikki 3D, the stage has a variety of things and effects to explore, such as:

  • Clock- Reverses all actions up until a second later.
  • Mirror Image- Wanders around and teleports you if you make contact.
  • Ghost Car- Drives across the stage, not targeting anybody specific.
  • Cavern Spikes- Fly up from the floor multiple times.
  • Laser Platform- Provides a thin platform where there isn't one already.
  • Poniko- Stands stationary in one spot on the stage, replacing the stage's music with her theme. Then, the lights dim as she transforms into Uboa, who replaces the stage's soundtrack with her horrible scream. If nobody touches her after a while, she dissapears. However, the poor soul that DOES touch her will be paralyzed to the ground, and will receive 35% damage.