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Yuuki Ogata, also known as Kaik Yuuki, is a Portuguese YouTuber, musician, artist, former GoAnimator, and a non-sensical blocked horse from this wiki who speaks absolutely gibberish, and almost everything he says makes no sense whatsoever.

How to unlock

Complete 10 Event Matches in All Star Smashers.


All Star Smashers Character Moveset- Yuuki Ogata

Entrance: Mental Intro

Yuuki randomly yells while entering the battlefield.

Move Origin

Some of Yuuki Ogata's gibberish comments look like he's mentally freaking out which is a worry if he really is.

Neutral B: Gibberish Nonsense

Yuuki randomly says random gibberish comments that don't do that much damage.

Move Origin

In the comments sections of different videos, notably the Smash Bros Lawl movesets, Yuuki and Hamilton Ogata's weird comments can be spotted. It is unknown what they are about and what they mean, but they annoy a lot of people. It was later revealed that they could possibly be Lawl quotes, memes, and references written in a weird grammar, while another reveal states he just made them to troll.

Side B: Bad Stats

A random turd drops down on Yuuki, making his stats shittier. This also makes his special moves look powerful.

Move Origin

In this page, Yuuki Ogata mentions the words "bad stats" at the end of his comment.

"The reason if Brodi attacks me after a moveset from me. And yes, Megan will call MarioLeopoldSamRoblox for beating up Lee or even me before fighting a moveset from me. And yes, my B moves will be Keygen, and my normal attacks will be Brodi before I beating up her, causing a huge damage. This also explain Brodi getting beated up me after this bad stats from her."- Yuuki Ogata

"Zoo Tycoon 64, please note that I edited from her bad stats."'- Yuuki Ogata

It is assumed that he got those two words from Sonny Slaven's trophy description.

Up B: A Tsunami!!!!

A miniature tsunami drags Yuuki upward, which does tiny pushback.

Move Origin

Yuuki posted a reply to Amanda the Panda's comment on her own moveset, saying "you does a...........Tsunami!!!!!!!!!!! (jumps over you)". It is assumed he got the tsunami bit from Amanda's YouTube channel description.

Down B: Crocodile is Dead from the Funeral

Yuuki simply hits the opponent with a Dead Crocodile, inflicting little damage.

Move Origin

This is based on a comment he wrote in the comments section of YTPguy17's channel. It turns out however that the comment was actually based on Yuuki's clay sculpture of a crocodile, that broke a while ago. After the sculpture broke, he spammed non-sense about his "dead crocodile", one of these spams ended up gaining massive attention on YTPguy7's channel.

Final Smash: Who's this character?

A picture of Sonny Slaven's Channel Art appears behind Yuuki, who asks "Who is this character behind me?" An opponent tells him that it's a city, which angers Yuuki, who says "Respect my opinion or I'll block you!" Then, Yuuki blocks that opponent. If he does not him or her in time, then the blocked button will KO Yuuki.

Move Origin

In this weird video, Yuuki tells the viewer to guess the "character" who appears in the video (I guess). It is also inspired by Nostalgia Skapokon's comment and Yuuki's hidden reply.

KO Sounds and Taunts

KO Sound #1: *Screams in Young Link's voice* KO Sound #2: Sucked!

Star KO Sound: GEEEEEEZ!

Screen KO Sound: Oh oh!

Up Taunt: Pulls his real face.

Side Taunt: Says "This is my moveset."

Down Taunt: Yuuki gets KO'd.

Victory Options and Losage

Option #1: Points to the loser saying "You channel has sucked! Your channel has sucked!"

Option #2: Yuuki stands there happily.

Option #3: A picture of a city can be seen instead of Yuuki or the loser.

Losage: Yuuki lays down on the ground.

Normal Attacks, Special Moveset Music, KO, Taunt Music, Victory Music

Aerial Attacks

Up Aerial:

Neutral Aerial:

Down Aerial:

Forward Aerial:

Reverse Aerial:

Ground Attacks

Up Tilt: His head turns into a city.

Neutral Attack: He makes a so called reaction video showing wildlife such as birds while Mr. Scruff's Kalimba plays and he yells "WHAT WAS THAT?!"


Side Tilt: Slaps with a random YT comment saying "You take this!"

Dash Attack:

Down Tilt: Falls over, hurting himself

Ledge/Get Up Attacks

Ledge: Says:Trolololo

Get Up:


Up Smash:

Side Smash: "PW-PW-PW-PWNED!!!"

Down Smash:

Grab Moves:



Forward Throw:

Reverse Throw:

Up Throw:

Down Throw:

Moveset, KO Sounds and Taunts Music

Eduard Khil-Trololololo Song

Victory Music

Far The Days Come - Letter Box

Angry Boss Codec

Angry Boss: This Kid....

Owen Maddox: Yeah.....He's a real Dumbass. Kick his ass, Boss

Angry Boss: Okay. I will

Personal Data


  • Cartoon Size


  • Light


  • People "disrespecting" his "opinions"


  • Gibberish Nonsense
  • Dropping turds on himself
  • Decreasing his own Stats
  • Summoning Mini-Tsunamis
  • Summoning dead Crocodiles
  • Showing a picture of a "Character"


  • Making music
  • Playing guitar
  • Singing
  • Drawing (though relatively less)
  • Who knows?


  • Japan

Pawlette Swaps

  • His Go!Animate Look
  • Troll Face
  • LOL Guy Face
  • Bitch Please Guy Face
  • Nicolas Cage's "You don't say" face
  • Y U No Guy Face
  • Rainbow Dash "DO I LOOK ANGRY?!" Face
  • Badass Over Here Guy Face
  • ASDF Guy Face
  • His real face.
  • The Nu-Metalist! (Blue Alt.)


  • Yuuki is one of the three characters to have the same music in the Special Moves scenes as the KO Sounds and Taunts scenes. The others being Dan Gough and Hilary.
  • Yuuki is also the only original character in the Attention Era, an Era full of Official characters.
  • Yuuki is one of the 8 playable characters who are aware of All Star Smashers. The others being Sonny Slaven, Brad Till, Brodi Welsford, Amanda the Panda, Smash Jarin, Hilary and Billy Slaven.
  • Rather than different coloured attires, all of Yuuki's Pawlette Swaps are various memetic faces, as well as his real face. 
  • Yuuki's moveset is by far the shortest All Star Smashers moveset thus far. 
  • Yuuki apparently has a lost Instagram page, dating all the way from 2016 (yes, Yuuki's editing this). The link is as follows:
  • The real Yuuki Ogata is also making an acoustic-alternative rap-rock album under his official non-sense alter-ego, yet to be released.


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